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Presently under supervision

PhD theses

MSc theses

  1. Erkka Nieminen: Optimizing network applications (topic area).
  2. Johannes Dahlström: Reactive scalable Vaadin applications (topic area).
  3. Simo Erkinheimo: Layout problems in steel cutting industry (topic area).
  4. Tapio Pietinsalo: Agile requirements engineering in the web development context (topic area).
  5. Janne Talvio: "About sw organization of digital media" (topic area).
  6. Jouni Koivuviita: Vaadin + CSS (topic area).
  7. Janne Kujanpää: Testing distributed systems (topic area).
  8. Henri Vehmanen: Testable jQuery (topic area).
  9. Timo Raivonen: On legacy code issues (topic area).
  10. ...

BSc theses

  1. Mio Mattila: The backlog concept in Scrum (topic area).
  2. Kristian Wahlroos: SQL injections and diversifiaction (topic area).
  3. Atte Moisio: Implementation of reactive systems in Java.
  4. ...


PhD theses

MSc theses

  1. Antti Levo: "API-based modernization of monolith applications as microservices", in Finnish, 2018.
  2. Joni Loponen: "Improving cost estimation process concerning ERP related development tasks", in Finnish, 2018.
  3. Lauri Gylen: "CRM as a strategic tool for companies with business analytics", in Finnish, 2018.
  4. Joon Boucht: "Ageing of requirements and solutions of large software systems: Case HANSABASE media system", in Finnish, 2018.
  5. Pauliina Jalava: "Utilizing data lakes in healthcare organizations", in Finnish, 2018.
  6. Miika Oja-Nisula: "Building an internal web-based project management tool: Case Poutapilvi Oy", in English, 2018.
  7. Kasperi Keski-Loppi: "Performance Indicators to Optimize Continuous Flow in Home Remodeling Industry", in English, 2018.
  8. Åke Tyvi: "Notes on formal software development effort estimation and overall financial management of software projects", in English, 2018.
  9. Ville Viljanen: "Transforming web application to mobile with jQuery Mobile", in English, 2018.
  10. Joonas Salovaara: "Trusting the Big Friendly Giants: large-scale evaluation of dependencies on Finnish websites", in English, 2018.
  11. Joni Uitto: "Building Microservice-based System On Functions-as-a-Service Platform", in English, 2018.
  12. Esko Lehtinen: "Map-based Exercises in ViLLE Virtual Learning Environment", in English, 2018.
  13. Teemu Vahtera: "Common interface to remotely control video cameras from different vendors" (in English), 2018.
  14. Samuli Gylen: "Usage of RFID technology in construction site monitoring" (in Finnish), 2018.
  15. Joonas Syysvirta: "Application protocols and communication paradigms in web-integrated IoT implementations" (in Finnish), 2018.
  16. Lari Malmi: "Database Connection as a Service to Empower BIM Ideology within the Building Industry" (in English), 2018.
  17. Jarko Papalitsas: "Deceiving Attackers Using Record and Play Based Honeypots" (in English), 2018.
  18. Joel Lampikari: "Software architecture in practice - Utilizing architecture analysis to aid software design decision-making" (in English), 2018.
  19. Markku Ylitalo: "Impacts of the General Data Protection Regulation to marketing automation services" (in Finnish), 2018.
  20. Kalle Hjerppe: "General Data Protection Regulation and Software Architecture" (in Finnish), 2018.
  21. Lauri Junkkari: "Blockchains as a confirmation mechanism of deliverables in an agile software development project with a buyer-provider set-up" (in Finnish), 2018.
  22. Roope Merikukka: "Using Container Technologies in Web Development and Maintenance" (in Finnish), 2018.
  23. Mikael Kostian: "Modernization of a Legacy System as Microservices" (in English), 2018.
  24. Heini Ahde: "Unsupervised Host Profiling Based on Traffic Behaviour" (in English), 2018.
  25. Kalle Raiko: "Service configuration - Using the Four-worlds model in the modeling process" (in English), 2018.
  26. Tero Laakso: "Modern web technologies as part of real-time embedded system" (in Finnish), 2018.

  27. Olli Yliaho: "Digitalization of pipe spool prefabrication" (in English), 2017.
  28. Mira Tammelin: "Digitalization of scientific knowledge - a web-based service for paleoecological transfer functions" (in English), 2017.
  29. Roosa Peltonen: "Utilization of Test Automation in Software Business -- Case: Wallac Oy -- Diagnostic Software Service" (in English), 2017.
  30. Samuel Lauren: "Operating-System-Level Diversification Through Binary Rewriting", in English, 2017.
  31. Sami Jokela: "Affordances of Depth Cameras", in Finnish, 2017.
  32. Mats Rauhala: "Functional enterprise software integration language", in Finnish, 2017 .

  33. Veera Suolahti: "Development of business process from the customer experience point of view", in Finnish, 2016.
  34. Iiro Linden: "Customer stimulation in lean software development", in English, 2016.
  35. Petri Avikainen: "Tools for developers to manage their responsibilities introduced by agile software development", in English, 2016.
  36. Marko Saarela: "Measuring software security from the design of software", in English, 2016.
  37. Janne Ala-Äijälä: "Development of continuous maintenance processes for web services: Case Aucor Oy and WordPress", in Finnish, 2016.

  38. Minna Isomäki: "Product assurance in agile space systems development", In English, 2015.
  39. Sayedshahram Pezeshkitoosi: "Enhancing Security of Linux OS Against Administrators", In English, 2015.
  40. Reza Mohammad Memarian: "BotCloud Detection System", in English, 2015.
  41. Joonas Hiltunen: "Using model-based testing to test WLAN-Bluetooth coexistence in mobile devices", in English, 2015.
  42. Niklas Närhinen: "Binding domain knowledge to executable specifications using the BDD method", in Finnish, 2015.
  43. Ville Manninen: "Organizing support and development as a single team using Kanban", in English, 2015.
  44. Iiro Räsänen: "Building buyer tracking system in Eloqua", in English, 2015.
  45. Jussi Virtanen: "Obfuscating Embedded ARM Linux Environment Against Malicious Attacks", in English, 2015.
  46. Jarno Hiltunen: "Memory management in embedded Linux systems", in English, 2015.
  47. Timo Sainio: "Management of application access controls in large operating environments", in Finnish, 2015.
  48. Jan-Erik Finnberg: "Web system modernization", in Finnish, 2015.
  49. Markus Heinonen: "Vaadin architecture model's technical usability from mobile device point of view", in Finnish, 2015.

  50. Anna Pakkala: "Specific requirements for integration solutions in the pension insurance field", in Finnish, 2014.
  51. Aleksi Vetoniemi: "Usage of Pantone color library in quality control of offset printing process", in Finnish, 2014.
  52. Mikko Repolainen: "Agile software integration", in English, 2014.
  53. Jarkko Järvinen: "Managing scalability for a public sector web service with a cloud service model", in Finnish, 2014.
  54. Mikko Nurmi: "Using test-driven development methods in further development of a DDD-oriented Java application", in Finnish, 2014.
  55. Eino Malinen: "Evaluation of Static Code Analyzers for C Programming Language", in Finnish, 2014.
  56. Samuli Suomi: "Project Management Tools for Agile Embedded Systems Development", in English, 2014.
  57. Jere Keltamäki: "Analysis of player progression in digital games", in English, 2014.
  58. Oskari Anttalainen: "Multi-platform mobile application development tools", in Finnish, 2014.
  59. Pekka Nurminen: "Utilizing Mule enterprise service bus in a service-oriented architecture", in Finnish, 2014.
  60. Jukka Ruohonen: "Software Evolution in Space and Time", in English, 2014.
  61. Valtteri Virtanen: "How to transform an on-premises software to a Software as a Service", in English, 2014.

  62. Petri Pulkkinen: "Detecting reusable software clones", in Finnish, 2013.
  63. Masoumeh Parsa: "Execution Environment for Invariant Diagrams", in English, 2013.
  64. Calle Laakkonen: "Secure Data Sharing", in English, 2013.
  65. Sami Peräsaari: "An Agile Approach to System Migration", in English, 2013.
  66. Mikko Hurula: "Classifying software errors and web attacks targeting browsers -- a taxonomy comparison", in Finnish, 2013.
  67. Juha-Pekka Voipio: "eGoverment, eServices and IT procurement process in healtcare -- Case city of Turku Welfare Division", in Finnish, 2013.
  68. Markus Jansen: "Migrating a legacy system as an MVC-architectural application", in English, 2013.
  69. Matias Kriikkula: "Developing automated energy management test suite", in English, 2013.
  70. Mika Hatakko: "Sales and marketing challenges in an SME business, Case study: IT-Line Ltd", in Finnish, 2013.
  71. Lauri Nurmi: "Creating Cross-Platform Software Using C++", in Finnish, 2013.
  72. Jarno Rajala: "Guaranteeing safety in low-level programs with proof-carrying code", in English, 2013.
  73. Antti Rantala: "Legacy Systems in Health Care - Problems and Development", in Finnish, 2013.

  74. Teemu Hjelt: "Design and Implementation of a Data Warehousing Solution for Analysing Data from ERP Systems", In English, 2012.
  75. Martti Koivusalo: "Measuring progress of agile transitions", in English, 2012.
  76. Heikki Ylitalo: "Deployment process of an ERP system", in Finnish, 2012.
  77. Rauli Heikkinen: "Improving software development process with continuous integration practices", in English, 2012.
  78. Jenni Lapiolahti: "Designing a performance measurement system for software development team", in Finnish, 2012.
  79. Teppo Pöntelin: "Security of Ajax-based applications", in Finnish, 2012.

  80. Jukka Haapsaari: "System virtualization with QEMU", in Finnish, 2011.
  81. Jussi Kaskinen: "Transforming to a collaborative e-commerce: A study on business process and application integration", in English, 2011.
  82. Markus Åfelt: "Automated software testing system for Palladium emulator", in English, 2011.
  83. Tomi Nokkala: "Using ATDD based frameworks in Vaadin software development", in Finnish, 2011.
  84. Niko Virtanen: "Renewing the IT-asset management system of an international corporation and defining IT-asset lifecycle process", in Finnish, 2011.
  85. Teemu Santio: "Benefits and drawbacks of using Silverlight in interactive business applications", in English, 2011.
  86. Markus Jakonen: "When to Utilize Software as a service", in English, 2011.
  87. Tuomas Lehtinen: "Identifying the Information Technology Needs of a Microenterprise and a Software Review", in Finnish, 2011.
  88. Mika Laine: "Event handling of graphical user interfaces", in Finnish, 2011.
  89. Johannes Valtonen: "Challenges of Object-Relational Mapping and Meeting Them by Using Persistence Frameworks", in English, 2011.
  90. Aleksi Nieminen: "Security Assessment of High-Level Language Virtual Machines", in Finnish, 2011.
  91. Mikael Lella: "Managing and Assuring Quality in Agile Web Development Projects", in English, 2011.
  92. Tapio Jaakkola: "An Evaluation on Applicability of the new HTML5 properties", in Finnish, 2011.
  93. Jari-Matti Mäkelä: "Parallel Programming on Multicore Architectures", in Finnish, 2011.
  94. Arto Jonsson: "Fault-tolerance of Erlang based systems", in Finnish, 2011.
  95. Ari Silen: "Improving GUI application development using Qt Quick", in English, 2011.

  96. Juho Sukoinen: "General-purpose Programming on Graphics Processing Units", in English, 2010.
  97. Jori Ahvonen: "Structured software development with the IPIDDDT method -- A lean method for small agile organizations", in English, 2010.
  98. Tomi Juhola: "Customized agile development process for embedded software development", in English, 2010.
  99. Sami Hietanen: "Mobile Device Platforms and Qt Cross-Platform Applications~Development~Framework", in English, 2010.
  100. Matti Tahvonen: "Evaluating Software Architectures -- Case IT Mill Toolkit", in English, 2010.
  101. Peter Sandberg: "Implementing Customer Complementary Packages for Customized Mobile Terminals", in English, 2010.
  102. Timo Leiniö: "Web Application Security", in Finnish, 2010.

  103. Sami Hyrynsalmi: "Software Metrics at Architecturel level", in Finnish, 2009.
  104. Toni Lyytikäinen: "Tools for Variability Management and Apache Maven", in Finnish, 2009.

  105. Tomi Karlstedt: "Running Mobile Code Safely and Modular Policy Language", in Finnish, 2008.
  106. Yrjö Fager: "Resolving network inventory objects by utilizing graphs", in Finnish, 2008.
  107. Mikko Lindfors: "Testing mobile phone IP applications" (topic area), in Finnish, 2008.
  108. Kimmo Karppinen: "Shielding against undesired traffic as a challenge for computer security", in Finnish, 2008.
  109. Jani Ekqvist: "Web Applications for a Symbian-based HTTP server", in Finnish, 2008.
  110. Sami Räsänen: "Metamodeling of XP", in Finnish, 2008.
  111. Tuukka Urpi: "Licencing practices in open-source software development", in Finnish, 2008.

  112. Kari Jakobsson: Advancing music file metadata in usability of music playing devices, in Finnish, 2007.
  113. Elina Koivumäki: Success of IT Outsourcing from the Viewpoint of Information Resource Management - Case Aker Yards Finland, 2007, in English
  114. Lauri Taimila: Dynamic security mechanisms and their applicability to mobile phones, 2007, in Finnish
  115. Ville Karp: Correlation between software metrics and defect density, 2007, in English
  116. Joonas Tyystjärvi: A Java Virtual Machine for Embedded Systems with a Co-Processor, 2007, in English
  117. Timo Vilppu: Software renovation -- applying object-oriented methods to legacy systems, 2007, in Finnish
  118. Anne-Marika Aaltolehto: Storage area network design and implementation, 2007, in English
  119. Asta Laiho: Analysing data from ChIP-on-chip experiments performed on high-density oligonucleotide promoter arrays, 2007, in English
  120. Marina Isaeva: Quality of web pages, 2007, in English, exchange student

  121. Michael Maier: Applicability of Web Services technology to mobile applications, 2006
  122. Sanna Martikainen: Denial-of-service attacks and protection against them, 2006
  123. Kai Nikulainen: Grouping software errors with self-organizing map, 2006
  124. Petteri Arola: Comparison of mobile phone operating systems, 2006
  125. Heli Rasilainen: Test result verification in automated smartphone UI testing, 2006
  126. Kirsi-Marja Rytsälä: Improvements for the customer satisfaction in customization process of mobile phones, 2006

  127. Sami Erjomaa: Device Management of Mobile Devices, 2005
  128. Jari Lehtonen: Security of distributed information system, 2005
  129. Timo Suominen: Mobile operating system competitiveness, 2005
  130. Jari-Pekka Arvo: Modularity in aspect programming, 2005
  131. Arto Hamara: Considerations on Loss-Free Handover in IPDC over DVB-H Networks, 2005
  132. Timo Kuusela: Developing a Software Error Estimation Method for Series 60 Product Programs, 2005
  133. Ville Henriksson: Automation of Pre- and Post-Processing in Smart Phone System and Acceptance Testing, 2005
  134. Henri Lockmer: Security Aspects of Symbian Applications, 2005

  135. Kaisa Aho: Feature Interaction Management in Symbian Phones, 2004
  136. Matti Metsälä: Positioning framework for Symbian OS, 2004
  137. Juha Mild: Security of Distributed Component Architectures: Finnish Tax Administration case, 2004 (joint thesis)
  138. Karipekka Kaunisto: Security of Distributed Component Architectures: Finnish Tax Administration case, 2004 (joint thesis)
  139. Aki Salmi: Test Automation Tool Evaluation for Series 60, 2004
  140. Susanna Sorvali: Flexible Message-Based Communication in Client/Server Environments, 2004
  141. Sanna Tuohimaa: Eligible Features of Software Components, 2004
  142. Rami Terho: Designing a Regression Test Suite for Automated Interface Testing of Software Components, 2004
  143. Juha Ylönen: Role-based access control in Linux environment, 2004
  144. Harri Pyy: Symbian OS Device Driver Development, 2004

  145. Sami Mäkelä: Aliasing and protection mechanisms in object-oriented languages, 2003
  146. Marko Mattila: Object Metrics and Properties of Good Object-Oriented Programs, 2003
  147. Mikko Haikio: Security of a client information management system, 2003
  148. Petri Rautakoski: Technologies for communication between mobile phones and databased, 2003

  149. Sami Lappeteläinen: Implementing security in client/server environment, 2002
  150. Veli-Pekka Ylönen: Control channel of ATM network in a fault-tolerant IP-based video streaming, 2002
  151. Markus Veranen: Cryptographic methods of TLS protocol and group communication, 2001
  152. Jussi Ala-Viikari: On-line billing of telecommunication services via GPRS access, 2001
  153. Johanna Jokinen: Comparison of TCP and SCTP protocols in Call Detail Record Transfer, 2001
  154. Yangjun Guo: IPSec - A new Network Security Protocol, 2001
  155. Matti Leppänen: Communication between multimedia applications in IP networks, 2001
  156. Henri Säilä: Security in Set-Top-Boxes, 2000
  157. Jukka Palomäki: Automating route drawing, 1998
  158. Mikael Jokimäki: Comparision of parallel programming languages, 1996

BSc theses

  1. Teppo Nygren: "Platform economy and its effects", in Finnish, 2018.
  2. Joonas Mäkinen: "Suitability of test-driven development for Angular 4 based web development", 2018.
  3. Ville Ritola: "Security as part of agile software development", 2018.
  4. Toni Suominen: "Game feel -- definition and analysis", 2018.
  5. Matias Kaskimies: "Identification based on browser finger-prints", 2018.
  6. Tuomas Jokioja: "Intrusion detection systems", 2018.
  7. Sofia Mäkivaara: "MVC architecture in Ruby on Rails and Django", 2017.
  8. Joel Hoisko: "Usability of mobile interfaces", in Finnish, 2017.
  9. Roope Lehtonen: "Malware in Android devices", in Finnish, 2016.
  10. Jan Verho: "Efficiency of symmetric cryptography software implementations", in Finnish, 2016.
  11. Antti Levo: "Offline state in web applications", in Finnish, 2015.
  12. Aleksi Oja: "Using JavaScript in robotics applications", in Finnish, 2015.
  13. Mikko Heinonen: "Ruby on Rails as a framework tool for dynamic database based web applications", in Finnish, 2015.
  14. Tiina Kullberg: "Taltioni with respect to other Finnish PHR systems", in Finnish, 2014.
  15. Aleksi Vetoniemi: "Evaluation of CIEDE 2000 in quality control of printed products", in Finnish, 2014.
  16. Tapio Pietinsalo: "Scalability of the Scrum method from the product owner's viewpoint", in Finnish, 2014.
  17. Johannes Henriksson: "Type system comparison of Java, Scala, C# and C++", in Finnish, 2014.
  18. Antti Nietosvaara: "Thread safe data structures", in Finnish, 2013.
  19. Esa Saarinen: "General purpose KNX interface and application of it", in Finnish, 2013.
  20. Anna Pakkala: "Modular Java -- Project Jigsaw and OSGi in Comparison", in Finnish, 2013.
  21. Joonas Elo: "On malware behaviour in computers", in Finnish, 2012.
  22. Jukka Ruohonen: "Object-Oriented Metrics: Statistical Case Study", in Finnish, 2012.
  23. Pasi Lunden: "Program builder systems -- especially Ant and Maven", in Finnish, 2012.
  24. Joni Uitto: "Sequence alignment with GPGPU methods", in Finnish, 2012.
  25. Juha Kivelä: "Usage of PIC and ZigBee in wireless sensor networks", in Finnish, 2012.
  26. Jussi Kaskinen: "Comparison of SQL and NoSQL databased from the viewpoint of modern SW development", in Finnish,2012.
  27. Lauri Nurmi: "Localisation of computer programs", in Finnish, 2012.
  28. Jussi-Pekka Heurlin: "Remote invation methods in internal distributed applications", in Finnish, 2012.
  29. Petri Avikainen: "Platform as a Service: Google App Engine and Heroku", in Finnish, 2012.
  30. Matias Sundberg: "Benefits of EJB 3.1 in business applications", in Finnish, 2012.
  31. Markus Lithonius: "Software architecture styles", in Finnish, 2011.
  32. Eero Arvonen: "Applying agility to distributed software development: Problems and solutions", in Finnish, 2011.
  33. Tero Kemppi: "An overview on security of web based applications", in Finnish, 2011.
  34. Markus Jansen: "Suitability of CDA R2 for clinical surgery documents", in Finnish, 2011.
  35. Ari Silen: "Software Engineering for iOS Platform", in Finnish, 2011.
  36. Lasse Saarinen: "Motives of Berkeley View and Their Applicability", in Finnish, 2011.
  37. Jarno Rajala: "On real-time 3D graphics representation", in Finnish, 2011.
  38. Karri Koskinen: "Algorithmic skeletons", in Finnish, 2010.
  39. Salu Tommila: "Applying Web Services for legacy systems", in Finnish, 2010.
  40. Jarkko Kallio:"Software engieering for the Android platform", in Finnish, 2010.
  41. Lauri Manner: "Comparison of caching reverse-proxy techniques", in Finnish, 2010.
  42. Lauri Niskanen: "Pros and cons of server virtualizations", in Finnish, 2010.
  43. Ilkka Tukeva: "Apple iPhone platform -- pros and cons form software engieerning viewpoint", in Finnish, 2010.
  44. Juha-Pekka Saarinen: Suunnittelumalleja sulautettujen järjestelmien muistinhallintaan, in Finnish, 2010.
  45. Juha-Matti Byman: "Evolutionary model for software production", in Finnish, 2010.
  46. Jani Koskinen: "Linux and multicore systems" (topic area), in Finnish, 2010.
  47. Jesse Mulari: "Possibilities of future sensor networks", in Finnish, 2010.
  48. Rauli Heikkinen: "Real-time quality-based monitoring of Internet-based services", in Finnish, 2009.
  49. Juho Pääkylä: "Programming multicore systems", in Finnish, 2009.
  50. Niko Nynäs: "AspectJ -- A Different Approach to Programming", in Finnish, 2009.
  51. Taner Tuna: "IPv6: A Successful Revolution of a Failed Dream", in English, exhange student, 2008.
  52. Joni Loponen: "Properties in programming languages supporting parallelism", in Finnish, 2008.
  53. Juha Pietilä: "Meeting techniques for technical IT personel" (topic area), in Finnish, 2008.
  54. Markus Jakonen: "Properties of object databases" (topic area), in Finnish, 2008.
  55. Tomi Nokkala: "Comparision of Java related languages" (topic area), in Finnish, 2008.
  56. Aleksi Nieminen: "Security services in Java", in Finnish, 2008.
  57. Tuomo Pekkanen: "Symbian coding conventions", in Finnish, 2008.
  58. Pasi Mäntynen: "Congestion avoiding in TCP networks", in Finnish, 2008.
  59. Teemu Yllikäinen: "Comparing Java and C#", in Finnish, 2008.
  60. Yrjö Fager: "DCOM" (topic area), in Finnish, 2008.
  61. Sami Peräsaari: Problems and solutions of group work in software production, 2007
  62. Kaarle Hovila: Principles of LDAP, 2007
  63. Tomi Karlstedt: Aspect implementations of design patterns, 2006
  64. Antti Kautiainen: B-method as a program design methodology, 2006
  65. Johannes Valtonen: Comparing aspect-oriented programming languages, 2006
  66. Karipekka Kaunisto: Role of testing in software quality control, 2006
  67. Lauri Taimila: Thin clients form software techniques viewpoint, 2006
  68. Marko Heinikangas: Communications programming in the Symbian platform, 2006
  69. Mikko Heikkilä: Internationalization of software, 2006
  70. Mikko Lemberg: Symbian OS and malware, 2006
  71. Tuomas Lehtinen: City area networks implemented with WLAN techniques, 2006
  72. Asta Laiho: History of programming, 2004
  73. Sami Erjomaa: Java's possibilities in mobile phones, 2004
  74. Esa Tähkävuori: Security as a part of computer networks, 2004
  75. Jonna Judin: Java's return to its roots -- J2ME, 2004
  76. Samppa Mattila: Possibilities of mobile devices, 2004
  77. Juha Javanainen: Scrum as process management metodology in software development, 2003
  78. Tuomas Alivuotila: Communication interface of Symbian, 2003
  79. Sami Mäkelä: Object calculus, 2003
  80. Sami Krappe: Cluster computers, 2002
  81. Sami Pyöttiälä: Wireless application protocol WAP, 2002
  82. Samuel Mäkelä: COM+ and Visual basic, 2002
  83. Ulla Mickelsson: Extreme programming, 2002
  84. ... (and a few more during the 90's and 2000-2001)