MaxMazeDemonstrator (MMD) is a testbench system for local perception filters and multiplayer bullet time effect. It uses linear delay functions and supports scenarios which have 2–3 players, which can move, shoot and use bullet time. MMD allows to analyse the situation frame-to-frame from the perspective of any player or from a view which combines all perspectives. The information is available also in numerical format, which can viewed in the event log.


Download the file and uncompess it. You can launch the program by running the file MMD.jar with the command line
java -jar MMD.jar
Alternatively (and depending on your operating system), you can launch the program simply by double clicking the MMD.jar icon.

Further information

The theoretical background of the approach is expained in the papers: Other articles:
MaxMazeDemonstrator program © 2004 Henrik Niinisalo.
Supervised by Jouni Smed, Timo Kaukoranta and Harri Hakonen.