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This page contains some chess-related stuff, mostly about Finnish players.


Performance calculator (16.04.2012)
Highest ratings in ICC (02.09.2015)
Highest FIDE ratings (02.09.2015)
XLI Chess Olympiad (Tromsø 2014) performance ratings (23.08.2014)
XL Chess Olympiad (Istanbul 2012) performance ratings (29.08.2012)
XXXIX Chess Olympiad (Khanty-Mansiysk 2010) performance ratings (26.09.2010)
XXV European Club Cup (Ohrid 2009) performance ratings (07.12.2010)
XXXVIII Chess Olympiad (Dresden 2008) performance ratings (31.12.2009)
XXXVII Chess Olympiad (Turin 2006) performance ratings (31.12.2009)
XXXVI Chess Olympiad (Calvia 2004) performance ratings (31.12.2009)
XXXV Chess Olympiad (Bled 2002) performance ratings (31.12.2009)
XXXIV Chess Olympiad (Istanbul 2000) performance ratings (31.12.2009)


Best Finnish players in ICC (02.09.2015)
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Finnish selection list 2200 index (30.06.2014)


SalSK (Salo Chess Club) blitz ratings (02.11.2014)

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