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10 songs

Dropkick Murphys : Johnny, I hardly knew ya
Problems? : Me
Kotiteollisuus : Veisu
Billy Bragg : Rumours of war
Juice Leskinen Slam : Pedro
Karkkiautomaatti : Hyvää matkaa, kulta pieni
Birgitta : Usko pois
Clamour : Paarman taivas
Barracudas : His last summer
Piski : Jim Thompson

So what's this all about? Well, the list contains ten songs I've liked lately (more or less). It's not a personal top ten and the order isn't by preference. New songs I've considered worth adding to the list go to the top and the oldest ones from the bottom are discarded. The songs may just as well be new favourites as familiar older songs I've lately listened to. And why the list? Mostly because I felt like making it. Be warned that it hardly draws an accurate (or even non-misleading) picture of my taste of music. However, if you agree to the greatness of some of the songs, the other ones may also be worth checking out.

Juha Kivijärvi