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There are still a few unrecognized songs on the cassettes as well. This page has ca. half a minute mp3 samples (~200 Kb each) from those. If you can give any information on the songs, send me email. The recognized songs have a page of their own and here you can find lots of older songs to be recognized.


U1 A great cover version of Peter Alexander's Die kleine Kneipe.
U2 An excellent punk pop song, but what does he sing in what's possibly the name of the song? Jack's mother?
U3 A rather short song criticizing the selection of radio stations.
U4 The name of the performer evidently resembles Great Marin.
U5 This is probably not one of the best known versions of Lucille.
U6 A fragment of a guitar solo. Good luck recognizing this.


K1 This is from a TV program called Quis on. As far as I remember, a team of four actors sing a protest song they've written. Who are the performers or what was the name of the team?
K2 He obviously masters his instrument which is likely to be xylophone or marimba. This one is also from ca. 1984, I believe.
K3 One of the sung Finnish versions of Tiputanssi (The chicken dance).

Juha Kivijärvi