Metrics for measuring OO software quality


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Sami Mäkelä

Sami Hyrynsalmi
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We consider methods to analyze the quality of software systems, especially object-oriented programs. We have developed general methods to measure dependencies between various parts of a software system. Parts can be methods, classes, packages, etc., and there also exist many interpretations for these dependencies. So far we have analyzed various cohesion metrics (based on a certain kind of dependency) and found them to have hidden size dependence which can be 'eliminated' by proper normalization of raw metrics results. We have also proposed a new kind of external cohesion view and studied the relation of it and other metrics to various proposed refactoring methods to improve program quality.


Develop and validate metrics, tools, and software analysis methods for measuring the quality of various (abstract) entities of software systems. Metrics are developed to measure all kinds of software system entities ranging from small methods and class modules to elements of software architectures.


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